“A cost-efficient passive investment strategy is only as good and save as its executing broker”

imageedit_2_9943910088Intercative Brokers (IB) is a multiple award-winning US internet broker. In the United States it executes more trades daily than any Swiss bank. IB operates a brokerage business only, no investment banking that risks the companies equity under risk.

The trading conditions are for private clients unrivaled. The cost of execution are negligible and possibly lower than the cost your own penbsion fund is paying.  Thhe interest rate charges are fair, no hidden fees and the deposit-fee is charged out against brokerage cost. The trading tools are more sophisticated than the tools I ever had as a nostro trader with Swiss private banks. Perhaps the only ostacle is that it is – for an inexperienced investor – too advanced.

At the same time all IB accounts are secured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) for up to 500’000 USD (for cash 250’000 USD only). Check out to what degree the cash holdings are secured at your own local bank?

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