ePortfolio is a hypotethical portfolio for an initial investment of USD 100’000 at beginning of my journey on august 1st 2013. The real investment is a multiple of it containing 100% of my pension fund.

Daily CommentMonthly CommentComment since 2013
Today is a difficult day. The portfolio sheds -0.05%, the new NAV is 150'291 CHF. The biggest losers within the portfolio are US 7-10 year Treasuries (-0.38%), International Bonds (-0.20%) and US 30 year Treasuries (-0.37%). The biggest winner are Gold Spot (0.32%). Relative to the US benchmark my portfolio underperforms slightly by -0.11%.
Performance Drivers
Portfolio Attribution
Graph: “Daily Comment” = Daily change of asset prices in % compared to yesterdays closing.Green candles indicate rising, red candles falling tendency. “Performance Drivers” = Daily change in % of yesterdays close except for US 10 year T-Note yield that show the difference in yield. “Portfolio Attribution” = Daily profit & loss attribution to ePortfolio by asset class.
December is a difficult month. The portfolio loses -1.63%, the new NAV is 150'291 CHF. The biggest losers in my portfolio are International Bonds (-13.57%) and US 7-10 year Treasuries (-18.98%). The biggest winners are Gold Spot (119.63%). The portfolio risk is with 6.07% higher than the expected target risk of 5%. This month my portfolio outperforms the US benchmark by 0.11%. Year to date the portfolio loses -6.17% while the US Benchmark loses -4.56%.

Performance last 21-days

Graph: Monthly profit and loss per strategy in %. US Benchmark = S&P Conservative Risk Index.

Monthly asset attribution vs returns

Graph: Green = Monthly profit and loss attribution per asset to ePortfolio. Orange = Monthly asset performance divided by number of positions in ePortfolio.


Since August 2013 my portfolio yielded 50.29%. This is 6.21% per annum compared to the US pension fund benchmark that rose 3.93% per annum. The Portfolio outperforms the benchmark by 2.29%. The portfolio risk is 6.68% that is more risk than the target risk. With a sharp ratio of 0.93 it performs on a risk/reward basis better than the benchmarks. In the last 6.76 years the initial investment in my portfolio grew up to 150'291 CHF while with the US index it would have grown to 129'737 CHF. This is 20'554 CHF or 21% more than its US peer.

Monthly returns

* ePortfolio in CHF after an initial investment of 100’000 CHF **S&P Conservative Risk Index after an initial investment of 100’000 CHF. Both investments were currency hedged.