ePortfolio is a hypotethical portfolio for an initial investment of USD 100’000 at beginning of my journey on august 1st 2013. The real investment is a multiple of it containing 100% of my pension fund.

Daily CommentMonthly CommentComment since 2013
Performance Drivers
Portfolio Attribution
Graph: “Daily Comment” = Daily change of asset prices in % compared to yesterdays closing.Green candles indicate rising, red candles falling tendency. “Performance Drivers” = Daily change in % of yesterdays close except for US 10 year T-Note yield that show the difference in yield. “Portfolio Attribution” = Daily profit & loss attribution to ePortfolio by asset class.

Performance last 21-days

Graph: Monthly profit and loss per strategy in %. US Benchmark = S&P Conservative Risk Index.

Monthly asset attribution vs returns

Graph: Green = Monthly profit and loss attribution per asset to ePortfolio. Orange = Monthly asset performance divided by number of positions in ePortfolio.



Monthly returns

* ePortfolio in CHF after an initial investment of 100’000 CHF **S&P Conservative Risk Index after an initial investment of 100’000 CHF. Both investments were currency hedged.